Monday, February 8, 2016

Power of the "PLUS ONE" February 8, 2016

This week has had it's ups and downs just like any other. I am still loving the reservation and I know that I am here for a reason. I am so thankful for all of you back at home who have been praying for me, my companion, and those we are teaching. I recognize the Lord's hand in my life every day. Thank you so much for your love and support. 

I don't have a whole lot of time, but I will briefly explain some of this week's happening. 

3 New Investigators- So, Sister Westover is amazing! She has this saying that I have grown to love and believe in. She calls it the " Till you die plus ONE." This idea has proven successful in several instances this week. During weekly planning we had set a goal for 2 new investigators and we prayed everyday that we would run into people searching and willing to hear our message. One of the days this week while we were out knocking in the freezing cold we instituted the "Plus one" method and knocked one more house before returning to the truck. This is when we met Ella. Ella is an amazing woman who was kind enough to let us into her home and share the message of the restoration. Ella invited us to come back and through that we gained not only an investigator, but also more believe in the "plus one" system. We used this idea once again the next day and were again invited into a home to teach the restoration. Kat and Rose are mother and daughter who are very religious and so kind. After sharing out message they also invited us back. It is safe to say that I am now a believer in the "Plus One."

Prayer and Fasting- As you know, this last sunday was fast sunday. Sister Westiver and I decided it would be appropriate to fast for a couple of individuals and also to choose some fasting topics on our own. My testimony of fasting has increased an incredible amount just in the past couple of day. Before I had even ended my fast I had received answer to my prayers. Heavenly Father is watching over me and is aware of me. He has blessed me so much with guidance and comfort in times when I needed it most. I promise that God does answer prayers. They may not always be answered in the way we want, but He is perfect. God has perfect timing.  

God's Perfect Timing- "God has perfect timing, never early, never late. It takes a lot of patience and it takes a lot of faith, but it is worth the wait." 
This week we were able to teach a lesson about turning our will to God's will. While preparing the lesson I came to realize that even though I was preparing it for someone else, I was the one who really needed it. I have learned in the short few weeks of being here that I am not the teacher...the Holy Ghost is. My mission scripture has brought more meaning to me in the past few days than it ever has. 
 12 Yea, know that am nothingas to my strength am weak; therefore will not boast of myself, but will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all thingsyea,behold, many mighty
 miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever.
I must learn to turn my will over to God's will. I am the tool, the spirit is the teacher. 

Weekly Challenge- I invite all of you to watch the Mormon Message, "The Will of God," and think about ways in which you can turn your will to His will. 

Again, I express my deep love and appreciation for you. I would not be here, serving a mission, without the help of all of you. Each one of you has impacted my life in one way or another and for that I am so grateful. I love you and I love this gospel. The Church of Jesus Christ is the ONLY true and living church here on the earth. Of that I am positive. I have seen the gospel of Jesus Christ change lives in the short amount of time I've been here. I know the atonement works, but only if we use it. Don't let a single drop of blood go to waste. 

Love you so so much 
Sister Madalyn Hillam

P.S. We have had a recent convert request to have his name put in the temple. His name is Brandon Silas and he is amazing, but he needs all the help he can get. If you are going to the temple anytime soon please take a moment and write his name down. Thank you all of you who helped with Monica and her family, I have seen the effect of your prayers in their life already. 

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