Monday, March 21, 2016

2 Months...March 14, 2016

I am having a hard time believing that I have already been out for 2 months. In some ways I feel like I have been out more than 2 and in other ways I feel like it has been less. I am still learning and that is a blessing all on its own. This week I will be returning the the bullet format..sorry!!
Window Rock 2nd- Last sunday our ward was split! we had been informed that his would be happening, but we didn't expect it so soon. Our new Bishop is amazing and I am so excited to be a part of this new ward. I hope to be able to aid in helping the wad start off on the right foot. Yesterday was kind of sad though..we didn't have great attendance. I hope that it will get better. 
Joy- SO SAD! Since the wards were split, we had to stop teaching Joy and hard her over to the Window Rock elders. Joy is in the other ward and President decided that it would be best for her to be taught by the elders she goes to church with. Even though this was heart breaking, I know that President Adams is a righteous man who has been given authority to receive revelation for this mission. If he feels that this is best, then I know it must be. 
Kellywood Family- Not only did we lose Joy, but we lost a family who was one of the first to welcome me into the area. The Kellywoods are amazing! they are making so much progress. I don't doubt that the elders will do a great job with them, but that doesn't ease the heartbreak. When we went to tell them the news, Tynisa, Their daughter came up and gave me a hug. hse said, "It doesn't matter what you look like. I love you." I don't think she had any idea, but at that moment I needed this more than anything. Heavenly Father continues to send His love through these amazing people. This is sister kellywood! Isn't she amazing!

Growing- The other day I took some time to look back in my journal. Lately I have felt there are so many things that I need to work on, yet I have not been progressing so I just feel overwhelmed. When I took the time to read my journal I finally realize that I am making progress. I have already changed so much. I need to take the time to see the good things I am doing. Growth is hard, but necessary for progression. 
We All Receive Blessings- This week we had a woman tell us that we don't understand her. She basically told us that we had no right to teach her because we didn't have the same background; we were from different cultures, different families, different generations. When sh said this it really affected me. I felt guilty. This woman had made me feel guilty for being blessed with so many things. I felt guilty for being blessed with a functioning family, I felt guilty for having received an education, I felt guilty for being raised in the gospel. I didn't understand why Heavenly Father had blessed me more than he had blessed her. then, I read a talk this morning. This talk was from a 2006 general conference Ensign. Julie B. Beck managed to express exactly how I was feeling. The only difference between her and I was that she provided a solution to the problem. She said, "Through the blessings of the priesthood, the Lord shows us that He is “no respecter of persons.”17 In my travels, I usually have the chance to visit members in their homes. Some of those homes are very basic dwellings. At first I would say to myself: “Why am I blessed with a house that has electricity and plumbing when this family does not even have water near their home? Does the Lord love them less than He loves me?”
Then one day I sat in a temple next to a sister who lives in a humble house. I spent two hours at her side. I looked often into her beautiful eyes and saw the love ofthe Lord in them. As we finished our work in the temple, I had a powerful realization. In all of the eternal blessings, in all of our most important privileges and opportunities, we were equals. I had been “baptized unto repentance,”18 and so had she. I had spiritual gifts,and so did she. I had the opportunity to repent, and so did she. I had received the Holy Ghost, and so had she. I had received temple ordinances, and so had she. If both of us had left this world together at that moment, wewould have arrived equal before the Lord in our blessings and potential.
Priesthood blessings are the great equalizer. Those blessings are the same for men and women, for boys and girls; they are the same for married and single, rich and poor, for the intellectual and the illiterate, for the well-known and the obscure.
Julie B. beck taught me something so important. I learned that just because our earthly lives may differ, we are all entitled to the same blessing of eternal worth. Yes, I may have a different background than the people here, but the gospel is for ALL people. The gospel is the unifying power needed in this world. 
Pictures- This is Sister Kelsey Curley. She just returned from her mission serving in North dakota, Bismarck. She is awesome! Kelsey is so happy and excited to be able to come to lessons with us. It's great!... Don't mind the fact that I don't ever do my hair...

​Yeah...we probably need a reservation..
I LOVE YOU!!! Keep being amazing and doing great things!
Sister Madalyn Hillam

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