Friday, January 15, 2016

Answer to Moms Prayer...First Email! January 14, 2016

I held my phone for the past 48 hours checking it every few minutes for new emails to see if I had received anything from Sister Hillam. My mom heart was aching and I was beginning to doubt this MTC process, wondering why she couldn't send her mama a little something to let me know that she was okay...then it happened. Todd in his excited voice at 10 pm says "look, an email from Sister Hillam"... just as I was ready to give up hope and cry myself to sleep my prayers were answered.

Hi Family!

I am doing well. I am really enjoying the MTC. I was thrown into a class the second I got here and have been super busy. I love the classes and all of my teachers. 
My district is made up of 9 missionaries, Myself and two companions are leaving for the Farmington mission on the 25th. I am in a tripanionship with Sister Christopherson from Gillette, Wyoming, and Sister Lusk from Rexburg.They are both amazing. 
All of the elders in my district except 1 are leaving for North Carolina. The one elder who will be going to Trinidad Port of Spain was actually someone I needed really needed to see. Elder Josh Vance. it was so nice to know that Heavenly Father knew that I needed to be around people I knew and I know that is why Elder Vance is in my district. 
So, a little bit about my companions. Sister Christopherson and I are a lot alike- very outspoken. Sister Lusk is really quiet, but every time she speaks she brings the spirit.
Yesterday we were able to sit in on an investigator lesson and also participate. I learned a lot about how I can be a successful teacher and how I can learn to love the people. The number one thing that has really stuck me in the past couple of days is that I am here to Teach People, Not Lessons. People really feel the need for love and attention, not only from others, but from God. 
Sadly I cant be on for long tonight, but I have letters arriving for you in the mail. 
Here's my thought of the week. One of the elders in my district shared this quote about work and missionaries, he said, "Want has nothing to do it." We are here because we need to be. We may not always WANT to be, but that isn't what matters. 
I'm so thankful for all of you and the wonderful blessings you are to me. Please remember that I love you and am always praying for you. I will talk to you soon!
Sister Hillam

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