Friday, January 15, 2016

Setting Apart Sister Madalyn Hillam, January 12, 2016

Madalyn was set apart as a missionary by President John Strobel of the Idaho Falls South Stake tonight. He is a counselor in the Stake Presidency. Madalyn has a deep love for President Strobel and his wife Jan. They have been instrumental in her decision to serve a mission. We have an amazing Stake Presidency and have such respect for each member.
President Strobel came over after Noah's basketball game to do the setting apart in our home. He asked each member of our family to make a comment/advice and share our testimony with Madalyn before the setting apart. Are you kidding me?? It sounds so easy, certainly we all have a testimony and adore Mady, this should be easy. No way! We were crying so hard it was nearly impossible to speak, in fact Noah did just that, didn't speak. He just stood up with tear fill eyes and hugged his sister and best friend for what felt like eternity. There was no need for words. There is something very special that happens to a moms heart to see and hear her children talk about each other in such a tender way. I am so blessed.
After she became officially Sister Madalyn Hillam we went to Perkins! Madalyn and Todd had been fasting, we all had crying headaches so off we 9:30 pm! No more tears, just lots of food, laughter and memories! Blessed!

   Noah, Sister Madaly Hillam, Keegan, Sloan Schmitt, Olivia

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